Chill For A Cause

Giving Back to Move Forward

Our team believes in giving to organizations to grow the world around us. Every Chill Now Towel purchase supports The Warrior Alliance and Anti-Human Trafficking organizations. Chill Now has a Global impact and we’re excited to share the impact of these great organizations with you.

The Warrior Alliance

We honor and serve our American Military and Service men and women with proceeds from every Chill Now Towel adding to programs for empowering our Warriors. Veterans are family, friends, neighbors and loved ones who need our support in a transition to civilian life. We believe in helping our military brothers and sisters and are proud to serve them.

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20+ Million Veterans

100% Warrior Alliance Support

25% of every chill now Towel Purchase

Anti-Human Trafficking

Human trafficking impacts communities across the world in some of the most unsuspecting neighborhoods. Chill Now supports several anti-human trafficking organizations around Atlanta as a hot spot in human trafficking. We believe in the value of human life and support any organization in an effort to bring human trafficking to an end.