Can’t Believe the Chill

Instantly Cool, all natural and refreshed in seconds.

Grab a Chill Now towel, infused with all-natural essential oils to instantly cool with no water or refrigeration.

Give it a try

The cotton reusable towel is infused with essential oils to give an instant cool. Designed for hot temperatures with you in mind, Chill Now Towel is easy to use to chill down.

Give it a twist

Once opened, shake your Chill Now towel to refresh oils for cooling. The towel may dry over time, but will refresh with a little water and twist to give the infused oils new life beyond the first use.

Give it a Home

Find your favorite activity for Chill Now for your next adventure.  Perfect for outdoors, working out and hot temperatures keeping you refreshed and renewed. If you don’t love your Chill Now experience send it back for a moneyback guarantee.

Chill & Give Back

Chill Now is focused on refresh, revive and renew is more than one way. 25% of every Chill Now purchased goes directly to charitable partners in building our communities. Explore the ways your purchase makes an impact in the world around you.