Started one very hot day

And we knew there was a better way to refresh.

Chill Now started with a major life change, a basic need and the American Dream.

The Struggle is real y’all!

We’re from Georgia, we know hot. After years of looking for solutions and ways to beat the heat while enjoying the outdoors, at our favorite sporting events and theme parks, we knew we had to build it ourselves. Introduce a passion project and labor of love to build Chill Now Towel for all of you. We saw the products on the market and developed an eco-friendly, natural version for instant relief.

Cooling is necessary

We developed a towel using all natural products and cotton, that is reusable and instantly ready to cool - no water or refrigeration necessary. 

It takes a village

Years of research and development and continuously surprising people with Chill Now in different uses has made our dream a reality. There’s a team of people that drive Chill Now forward every day. We look for ways to make the world around us better, and believe we accomplish that every day through cooling relief and charitable impact.

Find your Chill

We’ve dreamt up our favorite ways to use Chill-Now Towel, now it’s time to find yours. Outside in the sunshine, working out hard in the gym, on the field against your biggest opponent, keeping the kids cool in the heat – whatever your refreshment is, we would love to know. Leave a comment or review on your favorite use of Chill-Now.