Time to chill now.
Innovative, All Natural, instantly cooling 100% organic towel.

Chill Now with “The Real Deal”

The world heavyweight champion discovered Chill Now and became our fan! We’re honored and fans right back! He’s found a few good uses for Chill Now towel to beat the heat. Finding a cooling all natural towel to keep him fresh in the ring, working out and living in hot weather – he knew he had a winner with Chill Now. As his now not so secret weapon, Evander stays refreshed and helping others stay chill.


Boxing Champ


100% Chill

Keeping the Kids Chill

Parents know the secret to long outings with the kids and preventing melt downs. For those hot adventures, keep Chill Now Towels handy to stay refreshed and keep the bugs away.  Check our Facebook page for tips and tricks on how to keep the kiddos chill in the sun.

Travel with Chill-Now

Nothing worse than sitting in a hot terminal or plane waiting for paradise. Pack your TSA approved Chill Now Towel to keep you cool in the air and at your next destination. It’s internationally accepted and works across borders to keep you refreshed.

Find your Chill

We’ve dreamt up our favorite ways to use Chill Now Towel, now it’s time to find yours. Outside in the sunshine, working out hard in the gym, on the field against your biggest opponent, keeping the kids cool in the heat – whatever your refreshment is, we would love to know. Leave a comment or review on your favorite use of Chill Now.