The possibilities are endless

How? We’ve thought up a few ways.

On more than one occasion we’ve found a new use for Chill Now Towel. See how to use your new favorite accessory to beat the heat on the field or on the go!

Beat the Heat

We all feel the struggle of heat and humidity based on location and time of year and when we can’t be refreshed by AC, Chill Now is here to help. Instantly cooling to chill the hottest situations with quick refreshments through all-natural oils. It’s hard for us to believe, but check what our fans say. Or better, see their faces during the first try. We’re from Georgia, we know hot.

Hot Weather


Hot Flashes

Hot Sauce

Go the extra mile

Staying active and competing in our favorite sports keeps us going, but sometimes heat and exhaustion can slow us down. Chill Now instantly cools to give you an edge in the gym and on the field to keep you at your best. Add this to your gym and sports bag to stay refreshed and renewed after every activity.






Weekends are for Chill

And adventure. Whether you’re ready for a tough mudder, hiking the great outdoors or attending the latest music festival Chill Now will keep you in the moment. Weekends are meant to refresh, revive and renew just like Chill Now towel. 

Travel with Chill-Now

Nothing worse than sitting in a hot terminal or plane waiting for paradise. Pack your TSA approved Chill Now Towel to keep you cool in the air and at your next destination. It’s internationally accepted and works across borders to keep you refreshed.

Find your Chill

We’ve dreamt up our favorite ways to use Chill Now Towel, now it’s time to find yours. Outside in the sunshine, working out hard in the gym, on the field against your biggest opponent, keeping the kids cool in the heat – whatever your refreshment is, we would love to know. Leave a comment or review on your favorite use of Chill Now.