Time to chill now.
Innovative, all natural, instantly cooling 100% cotton towel.

Beat the Heat & Chill Out!

Made in America, All-Natural, reusable cotton towel with features that keep you cool.

Instant Chill, No Refrigeration Needed

100% Recyclable & Eco-Friendly Tyler Hansen

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Natural Alcohols, Menthols and Essentials Oils to provide chill. Tyler Hansen

Made here in the USA! Tyler Hansen

No Water Necessary

100% Cotton Towel

Shake to activate and use

Natural Insect Repellant with citronella & lemongrass

Benefits and Aromatherapy of essential oils

Discover The Many Uses

Fast relief from heat and humidity. Stay refreshed with a Chill Now towel and quickly activate with a shake. Effective and sanitary with all natural essential oils to use and reuse!


Accelerate your cool down with Chill Now towel. From running, to cycling to hitting the gym – your Chill Now Towel will be your (cool new friend) new favorite accessory to keep you reaching further in your work out.


Plans for the weekend? You’re chillin now. Yard work? Hiking? Adventures ahead? Chill Now will keep you in the action and refreshed all weekend long!


Jetsetters be sure to pack your TSA approved Chill Now Towel for quick relief in the terminal, on the plane and arrival at your latest destination.

Up to You!

Innovative and effective, you will find the perfect use for Chill Now Towel. From escaping the heat to feeling cool and refreshed the use is up to you.


Stay Chill

Chill Now Towel to keep you cool and refreshed, whatever the occasion is a must have in the summer months to escape the heat. Give it a try and we guarantee you’ll enjoy the instant refreshment that surprises the most skeptic testers.